Mexie’s story

Mexie embodies my love for Mexico, animals and craftsmanship.

But Mexie is above all this little ball of hair rescued from a street in Mexico, which, since then, is following me in all of my crazy adventures.

That’s after an unforgettable trip to Mexico and the discovery of craft from Chiapas that I’ve decided to launch this brand which is so important to me.

It’s after long months to unearth the best craftspeople and create unbreakable and essential links of trust that Mexie is born in 2019.



Mexie’s products are all unique and handcrafted by a community of Tzotzil from Chiapas in Mexico. Each item bought helps to support women weavers in order to maintain this know-how passed down from generation to generation.


Mexie supports Dog Prana

For each product sold, 1€ is given to Dog Prana which save street dogs in Mexico. This same association which saved my beloved Mexie.

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